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Landlord Corporate Services

Here at CoolCosy we offer a wide range of services for the commercial sector. The following list is a record of the most popular works we carry out. If you are not sure we provide the service you require, please contact us by phone or using the contact form.

Breakdown Calls

We offer emergency repair facilities for most of the services detailed in this list. If you are currently experiencing problems, please contact us by telephone.

Asset labeling

Asset labeling and register of the following systems, tailored to the individual needs of the client


Condition Surveys

We currently operate both visual and invasive surveys on most appliances and pipe work.

Annual Gas Safety Inspection

We recommend commercial buildings have a annual gas safety inspection, and include the servicing of all appliances.

Programmed Water Testing

There are three elements that make up our programmed water testing service, they are:

Control of legonella, HSE L8
Water loss through leakage
Ensuring drinking water is from potable supplies

Compliance Monitoring

We can carry out the monitoring of your service program, to ensure compliance with regulations. Either as a paper work and contract check, or including quality control audits (supervision during works or post inspection).

Heating & Ventilation

We carry out the installation, service and repair of most systems. Our aim is to reduce your energy costs through efficient maintenance.

Leak Detection Service

If you suspect a leak from your heating system, mains water or gas supply we can usually find the source of the leak.

(Important note: If you smell gas, please report to your emergency service supplier as they will respond immediately tel 0800 111 999.)


There are a number of aspects to the plumbing services which we provide, the main services are as follows:


If you cannot see what you are looking for? Give us a call or use our contact form for more information.